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Shenyang Haorunda Chemical Additive Co.,Ltd.of Xinxiang City Ruifeng new materials, a wholly owned subsidiary of Limited by Share Ltd, focusing on the field of lubricating oil additives and lubricating material production, development and sales of products and services for the global customers.

The company has sulfonic acid calcium, magnesium sulfonate two main series of sulfonate detergent, sulfurized alkylphenol salt series, ZDDP series of antioxidant, two polyisobutylene succinic imide ashless dispersant, antioxidant and engine oil, gear oil additive compound, hydraulic oil and other industrial compound oil compound more than 100 varieties. The company's production base covers an area of 200000 square meters, the production unit adopts DSC automatic operation system, single agent production capacity of 80000 tons / year, compound agent reconcile production capacity of 50000 tons / year. The company's larger production base is now under construction.



Series of Sulfurized Alkyl Phenols

Company with China R & D center jointly developed the first Chinese sulfurized alkylphenol salt series products, the performance has reached the world advanced level, the annual production capacity of 20000 tons / year, while the company as Sinopec sulfurized alkylphenol salt production base, leading the development direction of Chinese sulfurized alkylphenol salt.

Raw materials began to independently develop twelve alkyl phenol, 6000 tons / year ion-exchange process, to fill the gaps in china. By adjusting the process and other means to control the residual amount of twelve alkyl phenol in the phenolic salt products, the first to complete the industrialization of domestic products free phenol control in less than 2%.

Sulfonate series

The production device for alkylation of independent research and development and construction of 6000 tons / year of a- olefins, linear long chain alpha olefin sulfonate with high quality is the guarantee of product quality, achieve quality control from the source of raw materials to product sulfonate. Sulfonate production capacity of 20000 tons / year.

Ashless dispersant

With an annual output of 5000 tons / year of new synthetic ashlessdispersants technology to the international advanced technology level, break through the traditional heat addition and chlorination process, has great advantages in structure and performance, can effectively guarantee the engine oil dispersion performance at low temperature, high temperature oxidation of soot produced and lubricating oil oxidation products of dispersion and solubilization the role, will greatly improve the overall performance of the domestic additives.

ZDDP series

ZDDP production capacity of 20000 tons / year, corrosion resistance test and filtration products, anti emulsification liquid rust, hydrolytic stability, air release value of the experimental indexes have reached or exceeded the international advanced level.

High temperature anti oxygen series

High temperature anti oxygen series production capacity of 15000 tons / year, mainly divided into amino thio ester, alkyl ester phenolic antioxidant, antioxidant and two aniline sulfide antioxidant four series, is China production high temperature antioxidants for the most complete varieties, yield the largest manufacturers.

Compound agent series

Engine oil compound with a formula which has an excellent balance, to meet the demanding requirements of the engine, at the same time, the dispersant technical excellence, effective control of soot caused by valve wear and engine oil viscosity increase; with excellent detergent technology, effective control of piston ring and cylinder wear, improve engine oil performance and abnormal oil TBN time. For the production of engine oil compound single agent raw materials are basically produced by our own production, from the source to control the quality and performance of raw materials, but also for customers tailor-made composite agent program laid a solid foundation.

R & D capability

The company's R & D department research center of the national standard, undertake new products, new technology development and market of factories and technical support and other tasks, to ensure the continuous innovation of core technology products of lubricating oil additives, lubricating oil additives at the tip of the development of high performance products, to ensure the company's competitiveness.

The R & D department with experimental equipment complete design, testing, new product development, development, and has high production capacity, and the Sinopec and Academy of Sciences, oil, stone lubricating oil research center of research institutes have close relations of cooperation. The technology research and development department has a strong technical force, with more than 88 technical personnel with a college degree or above, accounting for 22% of the total number of employees.

R & D department set up a lubricating oil research and development center with bench test capabilities, a lubricant additive research and development center, have been recognized by PetroChina and sinopec. R & D department also has a CNAS certification national level analysis and testing center, has advanced analysis and inspection equipment, with small, pilot sets of equipment, facilities and other multiple. Including the engine oil oxidation stability tester, four ball friction testing machine, ICP inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy instrument, potentiometric titration, heat treatment oil cooling performance tester of petroleum products, low - temperature viscosity tester, optical luminescence azotometer, engine oil crankcase simulation test machine, salt fog test box antirust grease wet test box, lubricating oil aging characteristics tester, fluorescence spectrum analyzer, containing polymer shear stability tester, rotary bomb tester, lubricating oil, lubricating oil pour point determination instrument for determination of freezing point and some other analysis and evaluation of equipment. Here with the laboratory card + instrument pictures, with more photos, highlighting technology R & D strength.



The company and Sinopec Research Institute of petroleum and chemical industry (RIPP), Lanzhou Research Institute of PetroChina Lubricating oil, oil lubricating oil Research Institute of Dalian, the Great Wall lubricating oil research and development center in Beijing, Shanghai R & D center, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Zhengzhou University, Henan Normal University, Henan Institute of Science and Technology, Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing has established cooperative relations closely integrated research. The company vigorously develops the school enterprise cooperation base, and reserves a large number of excellent talents for the company. Since the establishment of the company and the Henan Institute of Science and Technology cooperation on the one hand, the company and the Institute in technology, high-tech industrialization and other aspects of a more in-depth and extensive cooperation; on the other hand, with the enterprise platform, can let students understand in detail the application of professional knowledge in the actual production of enterprises, to provide internship opportunities for students, at the same time the company reserves talents. Also can be equipped with R & D personnel map

Enterprise advantage

Founder of Chinese standard

The company has become one of the founders of "China standard development and Innovation Alliance for engine lubricants" (hereinafter referred to as "innovation alliance"). The first automobile group, Sinopec, Chinese steam Research Center, Dongfeng Motor, Weichai Power, Foton Daimler, JAC, Ruifeng additives company, Han sun lubricants, additives, and TRW vehicle lubricating oil, the development of enterprises to actively respond and join agent. First class enterprises do the standard, as the sponsor of the alliance, Ruifeng new material will shoulder this historical mission, for China's engine as soon as possible with independent specifications of oil products and efforts!


Characteristic service

Tailor-made for customers

The company provides customized personalized additive application solutions for customers with special needs. The company R & D department is responsible for providing design additive application solutions for customers, according to customer's actual situation and the requirement of product performance, recommend suitable formulation for the follow-up and provide the improvement scheme, which can produce high performance products. The company may own most of the single raw material production, in order to control the quality and performance of products, either single agent products or compound products, we have a very solid foundation to provide better customized service for customers.

For customers to do related supporting services

Raw material evaluation and test

The company has a national lubricating oil laboratory, the subordinate quality inspection department has a strong quality control technology and testing ability, can be used for the production of the company and the integrated supply of raw materials to be tested. The company also provides raw materials testing services for the special raw materials needed by customers, and provides relevant testing data.

Production guidance and training

For customers with demand, the company designed a reasonable training course by the Ministry of technology, can arrange visitors to carry out professional, systematic training. Mainly includes raw material processing, production process parameters setting, product formula, blending process, product inspection, product screening and a series of operation guidance training.

social responsibility

We are adhering to the goal of common development with the society, to realize the social responsibility of the enterprise, committed to the research and development of new energy and new technology, and strive to reduce the environmental load. We are committed to ensuring that our supply chain and our own manufactured waste can be reused, recycled, or converted to energy if necessary. We will continue to increase investment and manpower, from a little bit to sit start, focus on details, contribute to our society and the environment, never stop.

Enterprise sewage online monitoring was officially launched

The company invested 150 thousand yuan to build the water quality automatic monitoring single point base station, and has completed the installation and construction of the base station according to the relevant technical specifications. After the base station commissioning commissioning, networking and environmental monitoring departments of the comparative monitoring, has passed the acceptance of Xinxiang environmental protection agency.

Since the establishment of the company, has been invested nearly 10 million yuan for environmental protection, on-line monitoring of the formal opening will play a huge role in promoting the progress of environmental protection work.


corporate culture

Innovation is the source for enterprise development, change push new product micro enterprise "is the same Ruifeng spirit of enterprise, to the marketing of open environment, encourage innovative ideas, to design special opinions, thus promoting the development of enterprises, enterprises that create value, to achieve self value, to realize self value, and return home, return to society.

In unity, cohesion, to create excellent products, become a global technology leader in the supplier exclusive domain, with innovative technology and attentive service, for customers to take 100% responsibility, side by side with the world's most outstanding enterprises, win-win!

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