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Chinese standard lubricating oil experts in action
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The conference organized by the Chinese Society for internal combustion engines and clean fuel oil branch, Chinese engine Institute, Research Institute of Sinopec, petroleum science China FAW, Weichai Power, Chinese steam, Futian Automobile, petrochemical, petroleum and other units attended the meeting.

The next meeting discussed the rules of the expert group on the innovation alliance. The rule points out that the expert group will check the key points of the standard development process, and make a specific formulation of the voting method of the members in the standard development process. In addition, the current first objective is to complete the study of the China standard system for engine lubricating oil in December 2019.

After a member of the expert group focuses on the development of technical standards and main points of the OEM diesel engine bench work, including the next generation of heavy duty diesel engine oil standard code, heavy frame, oil standard diesel diesel engine bench, typical diesel quantity requirements by machine principle, bench test.

This meeting is an important agenda for deepening research on the China standard development and innovation alliance of engine lubricating oil.