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“China Quality Award nomination Award" in the industry
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Sinopec news (Zheng Dehui) the morning of March 29th, the second session of the China Quality Awards was held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, Sinopec Chinese won the quality award nomination organization, Sinopec party secretary Gou Lianjie attended the meeting and award (winning content: the life cycle for quality management mode of customer value creation).

Over the years, Sinopec lubricants Co., Ltd. has taken the professional development road, established the quality management concept of "customer orientation, quality first", adhered to "quality always leads one step", and at any time, did not sacrifice quality at the cost of short-term economic benefits. We take the lead in the industry through quality management and HSE group integration system certification, carry out the whole staff quality management and quality training, control from the source, and control the quality risk comprehensively. Promote all-round quality management innovation and method innovation, improve customer satisfaction, to promote the development of the market. The advanced standardized management system has been established to lead and participate in the revision of the national and industrial standards of the main products. The product quality has always kept the industry leading, laying a solid foundation for the realization of the brand leader.

The Great Wall lubricating oil according to user needs, relying on the continuous innovation and development, to maintain concentration, to create value by technological innovation and value added services from manufacturing, the development mode of "R & D + manufacturing and service", leading to value creation, value added services, the development of potential benefits, the Great Wall lubricating oil put forward the new theory of "quality management to create value for customers" life cycle, promote the steady development of oil business under the new normal.

China Quality Award is the highest honor in China's quality field. The quality award and nomination award are organized by the AQSIQ and evaluated every two years. The quality award is no more than 10 organizations and individuals, and the nomination award is no more than 90. China quality award aims to promote the innovation of quality management, quality of construction technology, focusing on the selection evaluation management "," concept of criticism ", each participating organization management mode and method of summarizing concise quality, establish a model of quality management through quality management, incentive innovation, quality management to explore a new way of China characteristics, international level.