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Development history and direction of lubricating oil additive
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The proportion of internal combustion lubricants in the lube oil market is large, and the dosage of internal combustion lubricants is large. Therefore, the development of lubricant additives technology at home and abroad has been focused on improving the performance of internal combustion lubricants. Detergent dispersant technical status and development trends in the lubricating oil additives, detergent is a lubricating oil additive is widely used, its consumption accounted for about half of lubricating oil additive. Its main function is to neutralize the acid in the internal combustion lubricating oil, to solubilizing and dispersing the sludge, and to keep the engine clean.

At the end of 1930s to mid 40s, the salt, salt and salicylic acid phenol sulfonate metal detergent. In 50s developed a high alkali metal detergent, solves the problem of piston deposition of high-power diesel engine, marine diesel engine burning high sulfur fuel caused by the wear of the cylinder, etc.. Since then, has developed a low, medium and high salt, and phenol sulfonate and salicylate overbased metal detergent, etc., to meet the various needs of oil blending. In 90s, due to the development of engine miniaturization, high power and high speed, the traditional metal detergent cannot meet the requirements, in addition the harsh environmental regulations also makes the sulfur phosphorus chloride additives had high toxic ash use is restricted, the research of metal detergent model have developed countries, such as magnesium salt, alkaline detergent, etc..

At present, China's production of low, medium and high alkali value of the total production capacity of calcium sulfonate product was 40000 tons / year, production of low, medium and high alkali value synthetic calcium sulfonate production capacity of 150000 tons / year, production, overbased sulfurized calcium alkyl products production capacity of 100000 tons / year. The production capacity of calcium salicylate production capacity is 60000 tons per year, the production capacity of low, medium and high alkali naphthenic acid calcium products is 5000 tons per year. Compared with foreign metal detergent, calcium magnesium salt, the sulfonate less varieties, the product quality is not high, the production cycle is long, the color difference, can not meet the demand of lubricating oil. The properties of medium and high alkali sulphide alkyl phenol products are equivalent to those of the same kind abroad, but there is a big gap between the color and the viscosity. Calcium salicylate products are mainly medium alkali products, the product is single, the color is deep, the loss of solvent is big, and the reaction cycle is long. But the modified alkyl salicylate and high alkali value alkyl salicylate are better than the foreign counterparts. The main function of the ash free dispersant is to control the formation of gasoline engine oil sludge, to control the deposition of diesel oil and to neutralize the acid in the combustion products.