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  • Lubricant Additive Components
    Medium base value synthetic calcium sulfonate is one of sulfonate series lubricating oil additives produced by our company. The long chain linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid was use
  • Lubricant Additive Packages
    Diesel oil composite additive this product is made of high quality detergent, dispersant, antioxidant additives such as compound modulation into.
  • Fuel Additive
    Gasoline detergent is a new type of detergent products our company introduced Sinopec Research Institute of petroleum and chemical industry the latest achievements in scientific re
  • OEM
    Hi, SHELL, APP, and Sinopec Rhine chemical, paper and other important rivers in Henan Guanhao, customer cooperation, break the relationship between suppliers and users of the
  • Technical force
    We have a high level of scientific research team, gather a group of international and domestic top chemical experts, formed a strong research team, and set up a series of scientific research institutions and related laboratory. Our new products, as well as dozens of products, fill the gap, and most of them are the world's leading advanced technologies.
    Lubricant additive
    We are the only manufacturer of long chain linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid in China, which fills the gap in China and replaces imported products. Long chain (C20-C24) linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid calcium (T104A, T105A, T106A, T106D), ashless dispersant (T151A, T154A, T161A, T154B), antioxidant T501, antiwear agent (T330) and other products in the process, quality, production capacity and other aspects are the first, with the international advanced level. A variety of products to fill the domestic blank, and exported to overseas.